Our Story

Hi! I'm Brooke, the creator of the Fuckit Bucket™.

The Fuckit Bucket™ origin story began back to simpler times. Sometime in 2017, a friend of mine who also happens to be a C-list celebrity with a well-publicized split from her baby daddy, was talking about how her life was so screwy that she had used up all her fucks to give. I suggested that in the future, she put all the fucks in a bucket for rationing. I called it a “Bucket ‘o Fucks.”

For two years, the Bucket 'o Fucks noodled in my mind. 

And then, I heard the phrase, “Chuck it in the fuck it bucket and move on!”

It's unclear where the phrase originated, but it appears in at least one of David Sedaris's family folktales and often finds its way into wedding planning vernacular. I wasn't getting married but, damn, I needed a fuck it bucket. 

I scoured the internet for the fuck it bucket of my dreams and found that a tiny, decorative, and somehow still classy bucket to hold all my fuckits simply did not exist. If I wanted to bring the fuck it bucket to life, I was going to have to do it myself. 

The catch: at the time, swear words could not be trademarked. But in 2019, I caught a headline about how the Supreme Court ruled that swear words were a form of free speech and should be eligible for trademarking. So I searched “Fuckit bucket” on the United States Patent and Trademark Office's website, and found that the phrase had not yet been trademarked. It was a sign!

While the caster was pouring molten metal into my design, I began the trademarking process. Best case scenario, I figured people would get a laugh out of the Fuckit Bucket™ like I do and snag them up on Etsy. Worst case scenario, I wouldn’t sell a single bucket but I’d have Christmas and birthday gifts for a lifetime!

Turns out, people love it. Today, the Fuckit Bucket™ is available in three styles: charm, necklace, and keychain. It's also available in five precious metal platings: gold, rose gold, silver, copper, and pewter. A bucket for every fuckit!

So whether it's boss F.O.U.F., political F.O.U.F., family F.O.U.F., or general human F.O.U.F., let this little charm be a reminder that sometimes you have to chuck it in the Fuckit Bucket™ and move on!